Waveshop Portable


Perfect portable audio editor


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WaveShop Portable is a practical application designed for editing audio files anywhere.

In contrast to other editors, the advantage of WaveShop Portable is that it does not completely alter tracks unless you need it to. With a new edition for segments, it will allow you to patch segments of the sound file, so that only the segments of the audio file that you need to modify are affected, and the rest of the file will be untouched.

This tool allows you to copy, cut, paste, insert, and delete sound blocks without changing all the content that the file includes, plus, there is an unlimited undo option if you make a mistake at the beginning.

The main characteristics of this fast program are the amplification, fade, insertion of channels, audio modulation and speaker assignments, among others. It can normalize channels independently and generate tone statistics.

WaveShop Portable edits and modifies the format of audio files larger than 2 GB and uses DirectSound for playback. Also, its intuitive interface makes audio modifications fairly simple with the different channels that you can work with and it recognizes most of the Windows commands for cut, copy, and paste, streamlining the editing process.
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